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Box braids are three-stranded braids with square-shaped parts. Since they’re generally braided all the way down, you can let them hang loose or put them up in different designs. Many people use intertwining hair to attain more length. Box braids have actually been a go-to protective design for many, and have a great deal of history behind them.

Hair intertwining as a whole can be traced back countless years to Africa. Braids signified status and assisted differentiate tribes. Numerous braids you see today, including box braids, stemmed from Africa. Janet Jackson is frequently credited for the recent popularization of box braids thanks to her 1993 film Poetic Justice.

Box braids have actually stayed popular over the years because they’re easily styled and tailored. Color, size, extensions, lengths, you call it– there’s a method to do it with box braids. You can even integrate curls and devices to individualize them a lot more.

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Today, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about getting box braids. We’re covering whatever from methods to prep your hair to post-installation care tips. Keep reading to discover everything there is to understand about box braids before you book your next visit.

How can I prep my hair ?

You can prep your hair by nurturing it and keeping it as healthy as possible. Investing the time to prep your hair prior to getting braids guarantees that your hair will remain healthy and smooth while they’re set up.

Prepping your hair likewise makes it simpler on your braider and can minimize setup time. You can get some prep done at the salon if your braider provides these services.

Below are just a couple of steps you can require to prepare your hair for box braids:

It’s likewise a good concept to bring inspiration photos to help your braider picture the appearance you want.

Don’t forget to make a note of any issues you have, like if you have a delicate scalp or if your hair is harmed. Comprehending and interacting your needs can much better prepare your braider to deal with your hair.

How do you install box braids?

Installing box braids involves cleansing and hydrating hair, prepping and parting your hair, intertwining your hair down, and sealing your ends. We’ll review the standard steps you can expect to go through, whether you’re doing it yourself or going to a professional braider.

Prep your hair

Follow the steps from the previous area to preparation, clean, and hydrate your hair. You’ll start this process after your hair is dry. You should also pre-wash your intertwining hair if you’re using extensions. We recommend getting pre-stretched hair so you don’t have to spend time stretching it yourself.

Part your hair

When dry, you’ll part your hair into four even parts.

Use a rat tail comb to make your parts accurate. Then you’ll connect or clip three of the sections so they’re out of the method.

In your first section, part it a couple of more times to develop the area for your very first braid. The size of your parts depends on how large you desire your braids. We’ll discuss the differences in between braid sizes later in the guide.

Include more product (if you ‘d like)

After you have your very first section, you can use oil to your hair to give it some slip and additional moisture. You can also use hair gel along your roots for a sleeker appearance.

The next steps will differ depending on whether you’re using extensions.


If you’re not utilizing extensions, take three hairs of hair and start braiding them into a three-stranded plait.

If you are utilizing extensions, you’ll first begin by taking one of the hair bundles and separating it completely into 3 different pieces.

Then, take among the pieces you simply developed and hold it from the center. It needs to look like an upside-down “U” with two strands suspending.

Separate one area of hair from the side of the package and move it so it hangs over the middle. You ought to now have 3 separate hairs hanging down from your bundle.

After that, integrate the middle braiding hair strand with your natural hair. You’ll begin intertwining a three-stranded plait with the combined strand and the other two strands of braiding hair. You can tie off the end with a rubber band if needed.

Regardless if you’re utilizing extensions, you ought to brush your edges out as you go so you can go back and lay them when you’re done. Repeat all of these actions to intertwine the rest of your hair.

Seal your ends and tidy up your braids

Once you’re done braiding, seal the end of each braid by dipping it in boiling warm water.

You can use mousse or other hair products to your braids if you want to ensure they look smooth. Now that you’ve finished intertwining, this is likewise the time to lay down your edges.

How long do they take to install?

Box braid setup can take about four to 8 hours depending on your design, the size of your braids, the ability of your braider, and your hair texture. Doing some of the preparation we discussed earlier can make your consultation go by a little faster.

For how long do they last?

Box braids last about 4 to six weeks if you look after them well. Other aspects like the size of your braids, your natural hair texture, and the length determine the length of time they’ll last.

You shouldn’t keep them past that time because you’ll put too much tension on your hair.

Offer your hair a break in between braids and other tight styles– this also gives you an opportunity to cleanse and deep condition your hair after it’s been up for so long.

How can I care for my box braids?

You can look after your box braids by routinely cleaning, moisturizing, and drying them. Seeing your braider for touch-ups, avoiding tight styles, and safeguarding your hair while you sleep can also assist keep your braids smooth and healthy.

Looking after your braids will help them last a long period of time, remain smooth and tidy, and guarantee your natural hair and scalp are clean and healthy. It likewise helps prevent things like damage or matting. Here are a couple of methods you can care for your box braids

What size braids should I get?

Pick your braid size based on for how long you desire them to last and the types of styles you wish to attempt when they’re set up.

Jumbo braids last the least amount of time while microbraids last the longest.

Bigger braids work for short-term looks, like if you want to style your hair for an unique event. Smaller sized braids are much better if you want a long-term protective design and don’t intend on changing your braids or design after they’re installed.

In any case, inform your braider about your objectives so they can assist you choose what size works the best.

What’s the distinction in between box braids and other types of braids?

The main difference between box braids and other braids is the part and the method box braids are installed. For instance, box braids have square parts and extensions are installed at the base of the braid.

Knotless braids, on the other hand, can have various kinds of parts. Extensions are fed into these types of braids to give a flatter, more natural look compared to box braids.

Cornrows can create numerous types of patterns and can be the base for other appearances, like sew-in weaves. They’re intertwined to the scalp while box braids can hang away from the scalp.

Lemonade braids have lots of variations and are constantly braided to the side. You can get small to jumbo sized braids and can even alter where your hair parts.

What are some popular box braid styles?

You can style your box braids in a bun, bob, with various sized braids, and even into another braided design. Check out some of these popular styles below for motivation.


Many people like to get box braids to get more length, however box braids also look great when they’re worn brief. They wonderfully frame your face, are just as versatile as longer braids, and need much less time to install and clean. Ask your braider how much hair you ‘d need if you want a shorter appearance.


Larger is better for some! Jumbo braids are lower upkeep than smaller sized braids and are bound to get anyone’s attention. Set this size with some length to make your braids more versatile. Cuffs and color also look great with jumbo braids.

Braided box braids

Uncertain how to style your braids? Attempt pulling them together for other braids! You can produce a chunky crown or French braid by gathering a couple of primary hairs.

High ponytail

Nothing is easier to manage or more chic than a high ponytail. What better way to keep your hair out of your face while displaying your length? You can vary this look a lot more by positioning your ponytail differently on your head. Keep it centered so your hair drapes over your shoulders, or position it off to one side for a high side ponytail.

Little box braids

Little braids are the method to go if you wish to experiment with more elaborate designs while you have them installed.

Updos like top knots look stylish with smaller sized braids. Smaller braids likewise last longer than big ones.

Colored box braids

There’s no requirement to stick with simply one color when you get box braids. Natural hair colors like brown and blonde can give you a subtle splash of color. Seeking to stick out? Opt for bold reds or purples.

Box braids with devices

Cuffs, beads, elastic band, and pearls are just a few ways you can accessorize your braids. Operating in a couple of accents to your hair adds some character to your braids and makes your appearance your own.

Leading knot

Leading knots are fantastic if you’re running errands or if you’re preparing yourself for a night out. Colored braids or detailed parts will shine with this style. The larger and longer your braids are, the larger your leading knot will be.

Box braids are one of the most popular protective styles for good reason. They’re versatile, long-lasting, and simple to tailor. You should prioritize finding a dependable braider considering that you’ll have these braids in for at least a month. Experience is likewise crucial for making the long installation appointment as painless as possible. Take a look at our community of braiders to discover somebody near you.

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