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As a stylist, you’ll require to know how to design your customers’ hair in a variety of methods. Hair extensions and hair weaves are incredibly popular, and there’s a good chance your customers will desire these services at some time. That’s why you ought to know how to install hair weaves and hair extensions according to the preferences of your customers.

It is also crucial to inform your customers to properly take care of these designs to keep them looking their finest as long as possible. Here are a few important things to keep in mind with regard to hair extensions and weaves.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are pieces of synthetic or human hair that are added to a client’s real hair utilizing a range of techniques. These methods include clips, seamless application, bonding, combination, intertwining, and weaving.

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While hair extensions ought to be applied by a hairstylist for many of these techniques, some people use them utilizing easier approaches like clips at home.

However, if your client pertains to you with concerns about maintaining and installing extensions, it’s necessary to have the best details on hand. For instance, hair extensions made from human hair can be heat-styled; synthetic hair extensions generally can’t hold up against heat, so it’s best not to blow dry or utilize a flat iron on them. Hair extensions made from either type of hair can be cut into a style, but for the most part, those made from human hair are much better for styles that include layers or defined bangs.

What Is a Hair Weave?

A hair weave is an approach of installing hair extensions that involves sewing the pieces of extensions or wefts into the hair. Most of the times, the client’s hair is intertwined into cornrows or tracks.

The extensions utilized for a weave are collected on top and attached together to develop a hair piece. You’ll take the sealed portion of the extension and weave a needle and thread into the location where the hair seals together. Then, you sew the extensions onto the tracks to secure them in the customer’s hair.

Additional Methods for Adding Hair Extensions

Bonding Hair Extensions Method

Aside from weaving the hair extension( s) into the client’s hair, you can likewise utilize the bonding approach. For bonding, you’ll need to use extension glue to the weft and use the extension to the root of the client’s hair. This is one of the easiest methods for applying extensions and is momentary. Depending upon the customer’s hair type, bonded extensions can last for a couple of weeks.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Blend hair extensions are similar to bonding, however last longer.

For combination, keratin glue is used to the extensions. The client’s real hair is parted into small sections, and a hair extension is used to each section. The keratin glue is so strong that fusion extensions can last for approximately 6 months.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins are without a doubt the easiest method to apply extensions to the hair. The clip is stitched into the extension and permits you to clip the extension into the customer’s hair. Your customer can also utilize this technique in the house to add bangs or to make their hair appear longer.

Clients who want to include highlights or lowlights to their hair without in fact coloring it can use extensions to accomplish their preferred appearance. Nevertheless, to keep the extensions looking their best, they should clean, condition and comb the hair extensions frequently to keep them looking more like natural hair.

Newer Methods for Hair Extensions

As you gain more clientele as a hairstylist and become more established in your field, you’ll require to learn about new techniques for applying hair extensions.

Micro-links Hair Extensions

The micro-links approach doesn’t include heat or glue, and you will not have to use glue cleaner to take the extensions out. A number of clients may ask about this technique, because micro-links don’t cause any damage to the hair. The customer’s natural hair is pulled through in really small sections utilizing a tool that is similar to a crochet hook. Each hair extension is pre-tipped with a sealing agent and put inside the link of the crochet hook and squeezed securely. To remove micro-link extensions, simply utilize pinchers to open the link; if the hair is correctly cared for, it can be re-used numerous times.

You might likewise wish to use a link in particular areas of the hair that might be lifting instead of re-doing all of the customer’s hair. This will typically hold the customer over until the next hair appointment. The links can form a circle and stitch a hairpiece into place or hold wigs down.

Because micro-links are extremely little, they lay naturally on the hair, so if a client gets extension colors that resemble his/her real hair or colors that can be utilized for highlights, the extensions are extremely difficult to see, which makes the design look very natural.

Smooth Hair Extensions

Seamless hair extensions are another new item you’ll require to understand about as a hairstylist. The wefted section of the hair originates from an incredibly flat polyurethane strip. The strip has double-sided tape, so all you’ll have to do is take off the tape support and use it to your client’s hair. These extensions usually last for a couple of days, or you can add adhesive to the extension to make it last for several months. Seamless hair extensions aren’t easy to detect once they are used, given that they lie flat on the hair and clients can even run their fingers through their hair without feeling the extensions Some clients likewise choose them due to the fact that they are comfortable and don’t require you to braid the natural hair the way you would if you were applying a weave.

Taking care of Weaves and Hair Extensions

Once the weave or hair extensions are installed, your client needs to know how to look after the hair at home. Obviously, you likewise require to know how to keep the extensions appearing like new, because some customers will come to you for extension upkeep. Weaves need specific care and upkeep. Here are the directions you must recommend to your customers:


Human hair extensions ought to be washed and conditioned every 1-2 weeks. This assists the hair maintain its shine and cleans up all particles and styling products from the hair. It’s important to dry the hair entirely before applying any heat. You must also utilize a blow clothes dryer after cleaning the hair to guarantee the hair extensions are totally dry.

This is particularly crucial if the hair extensions are woven into the customer’s real hair.

If the hair extensions are damp for too long after cleaning, parts of the client’s hair will also be damp. The wetness buildup can lead to mildew and scalp damage. Inform clients that lukewarm water is best for hair extensions, and that they need to clean their hair and extensions at least once a week if they sweat. It’s best to utilize hair shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free, since they are gentler on the hair extensions and scalp.

General Care for Hair Extensions

Be sure to remind your customers that human hair extensions need to be looked after the same way they would look after their real hair. Artificial hair does not last as long and may require to be cleaned and maintained differently. Some synthetic extensions have specific cleaning directions, so make certain to follow these directions so the artificial extensions will look as attractive as possible for as long as possible.

Taking Care Of Braided Hair

If the client’s hair is intertwined and hair extensions are sewn onto the braids, it’s finest to use a spray bottle to clean between the braids. Integrate water and shampoo in the spray bottle and spray the option onto the braids. This solution ought to also be used to the scalp. Carefully massage the hair shampoo and water. Use another spray bottle with simply water to wash the service from the hair and scalp. This process can be repeated one or two times to ensure the scalp and braids are clean. The hair needs to be dried entirely. It’s essential not to turn the head upside down during washing, because this can tangle the extensions. In addition to utilizing a blow clothes dryer, it might likewise be best for clients to sit under the hooded dryer to guarantee the hair is totally clean.


If an area of the customer’s natural hair is excluded, this hair needs to be tended to as well. Deep conditioning the hair avoids dryness and damage, so it’s best to deep condition this part of the hair with each hair shampoo. Pour a small amount of conditioner on the hair and use it to the leave-out. Location a shower cap on the client’s head and leave the conditioner in for about 20 minutes. You can likewise put the customer under a hooded dryer to magnify the effect of the conditioner. You may also need to utilize a nozzle bottle filled with conditioner to ensure you reach the roots of the client’s hair. Wash the conditioner from the hair with warm water and apply a leave-in conditioner to avoid frizz.

Daily Care

While washing and conditioning the hair should be done a minimum of two times a week, anti-bacterial spray needs to be applied to a client’s braided hair daily.

This keeps mildew from choosing the hair and scalp, because it can take a long time for braided hair to dry. This technique is likewise best for clients who have thick hair that doesn’t dry rapidly. The spray should be used after cleaning the hair and every day that the hair extensions are in.


After washing the hair, detangling the extensions and any part of the hair that is overlooked is essential. Use a wide-tooth comb for detangling; it’s best to begin at the bottom of the hair and work upwards to the weft until the hair is free of tangles.

Hair Extension and Weave Removal

When it’s time for the weave to be gotten rid of, be sure to carefully cut the thread from the tracks without cutting the customer’s real hair. Apply hair oil to the client’s head to make it easier for the braids to come out and to condition the hair.

Finger comb through the hair and use a wide-tooth comb for detangling. Wash and condition the customer’s hair and cut the ends prior to styling. This keeps the customer’s natural hair healthy and in fantastic condition in between extension designs.

For bonded extension designs, utilize a bond glue eliminator. Apply a generous amount to the weft of the extensions to carefully get rid of the weft from the hair. Remove any braids carefully and wash, condition and cut the hair.

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